OpenAI: ChatGPT Back In Italy


According to ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot is now available in Italy again after being temporarily blocked by regulators over privacy concerns.

To lift the AI software ban, OpenAI had to meet a number of conditions by the Italian data protection authority by April 30.

In the tech world and beyond, AI systems like ChatGPT that generate text, images, and other content mimicking human work use vast quantities of online data like digital books and blog posts.

However, their rapid development has raised concerns among officials and even tech leaders about possible ethical and societal risks, prompting European Union negotiators to update years-old artificial intelligence regulations.

Among the measures are adding information to its website about how it collects and uses data to train ChatGPT algorithms, providing EU users with a new form for objecting to their data being used for training, and adding a tool to verify a user's age when signing up.

In a statement released this week, Lina Khan, the head of the Federal Trade Commission, warned that the government will "not hesitate to crack down" on harmful AI-related business practices.


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